Trimming campain 2015: trained by the expert François Dal.

Trimming campain 2015

 Support our growth, strengthen and protect our vineyard

Formation taille avec François Dal

As the first highlight of the season, the pruning campain started 3 weeks ago. Facing the wind, the team is now trimming the 45 hectares of vines belonging to the estate.

This is a crucial time where every single vines stock of La Cendrillon is examined and scanned. Like kids vines must be well raised by the wine-grower. The pruning team of La Cendrillon is trained to help the vines expressing themeselves and to lead the plant to blossom out. Thus we are responsible for the well being of vineyard and we are taking this responsibilty very seriously. In that sense we asked Francois Dal (vines cutting expert from Sancerre) to share with us his expertise and to help us improving the quality of our grapes and the life expectancy of our vine stocks.

Worried about by wood diseases, he think they are ” the current N°1 public enemy”. After several years of research he concludes that wood diseases are mainly caused by wine-growers. In fact bad decisions made in the vineyard, especially during the trimming campaign, are dangerous for the vines. “Cutting vines requires the same attention as building fruit trees” he said. Pruning can’t work miracle but “it can help to limit the appearance of big amount of dead wood and prevent from sap flow inversion” and as consequence it would reduce the fading away caused by Esca disease and Black Dead Arm.

His visit was very interesting. With him we looked at every single plot we have whether they were old or young so that we could review our Cordons Royat, Guyot and Gobelet trimming process. Our goal was to improve the quality of our fruit, the balance of our vines and to preserve them for a long time.

Julien Maurs, January 2015

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