“Domaine La Cendrillon shone” in Jancis Robinson’s Languedoc Report 2020

“Domaine La Cendrillon shone” in Jancis Robinson’s Languedoc Report 2020


Despite these uncertain times, we are happy to share some good news with you. Tamlyn Currin, Languedoc specialist for Jancis Robinson, just released her 2020 reports in which our wines stood out with excellent scores, 4 of our cuvées being ranked among the top scoring wines this year. First and foremost, she highlighted that « Several producers over the past couple of months made a huge impression. […] I could mention so many others, but Gayda, Cendrillon, Château d’Anglès, Domaine Montrose, the unassuming La Réserve d’O, Ch de Rey, Ste-Croix, Terres des Dames and Domaine de Cébène […] all shone. ».





Once again, our cuvée Nuance 2019 came out on top of her 2020 Fizz & Whites report with 17.5 pts, being one of the 3 top rated whites in the region this year. She described it as « Full, and overflowing with a plethora of fruit from gooseberry green to mango gold and pretty much everything in between. Lustrous fruit, despite being bone dry and cut to shape by a crisp prism of acidity. An intriguing blend of varieties. ». Tamlyn Currin lauds the increasing focus given to local grapes varieties « The other exciting thing is to see how more and more producers are moving away from international varieties, especially in their whites, and making beautiful wines from Marsanne, Roussanne, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Maccabeu, Picquepoul Blanc and Vermentino/Rolle. ».





Our reds did also very well; among the 291 samples tasted, 3 of our wines were awarded 17 pts or more (18pts being the top score in her 2020 review). These excellent reviews confirm the efforts carried out over the 10 past years and turn La Cendrillon into one of the leading estates in Corbières appellation.  In her overall highlights, Tamlyn Currin emphasized the increasing quality of the reds in the region, she wrote « The reds were always good, but they too have improved to an impressive degree, becoming increasingly elegant, refreshing and well balanced. ».



Our reds are emblematic of this shift towards purity and freshness. Our cuvée Inédite 2016, among the top-rated wines of Corbières, earned 17 pts, she described it as « Balanced, pulling the fullness off with grace. Beautiful finish, tailored with fine stitches, the tannins almost, but not quite, melting into the palate and bringing a refined length to the wine. ».


Our cuvée Essentielle 2016, our entry level Corbières, also stood out and received 17pts  « Tannins that have the weathered crevasses of the hands of a man who has worked hard outdoors all his life. A kaleidoscope of fruit, acid, spice, tannin, leaf, earth, that comes together and tells a story. ».


Last but not least, for its first release, our single vineyard La Coume 2018 (named after the vineyard it is sourced from) was awarded 17.5 pts, placing it in the top 20 wines of Languedoc-Roussillon and top 2 wines of Corbières appellation. She wrote « Looks like a new wine for Cendrillon. But it is absolutely fantastic! Flushed with gorgeously ripe, spicy, super-fresh fruit. So peppery your tongue tingles. Bright and tap-dancing with energy” and praised the wine as “One of the most vibrant, thirst-quenching Languedocs in this massive round-up and yet it has symphonic depth and layers. Bravo, La Cendrillon! »


Due to a large number of samples received, a decision was made to split the report in 4 articles (whites, rosé and 2 devoted to reds).


In total, all our wines were awarded 16+ points. The full list of scores below:

  • Cuvée La Coume 2018 : 17.5 points
  • Cuvée Nuance 2019 : 17.5 points
  • Cuvée Essentielle 2016 : 17 points
  • Cuvée Inédite 2016 : 17 points
  • Cuvée Minuit 2019 : 16 points
  • Cuvée N°1 2015 : 16 points





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