A brand new cellar dedicated to excellence

In order to perfect our wine-making process and adapt our vinification tools to the increasing production, a new cellar is currently under construction and will be ready for the coming harvest.

In its perpetual quest for perfection, La Cendrillon is investing in two new units:

* A brand new cellar which will be equiped with 25 prestigious Lejeune stainless steel tanks and a new high performance cooling system. These tanks of small volumes will help our winemaker to be more specific when vinifying every different varietals and terroir seperately.  Thanks to this extension of our winery the estate will stay focused on excellence and could take good care of the increasing production of our 2 to 15 years old vines.

* A new warehouse for storage and labelling / packaging is another part of this project. It will guaranty optimal storage conditions for our wines and will make ourselves even more responsive to our clients needs.

Cuves Lejeune

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