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The Languedoc crus are moving up a gear

               Robert Joyeux inherated the great mansion of his dad, right into the heart of Corbières in the village of Ornaisons, as well as the family estate of 50 hectares belonging the Joyeux family for more than 150 years.Couverture vino juin 2015

« When I took over the estate in 1987, I had only one wish : make fine wine ! At the beginning I had to start from scratch and the Corbières reputation was very bad. At La Cendrillon everything had to be more functional and modern, without actually throwing away good things from the past like our concrete tanks.

I hired a new oenologist and I bought tuns for our Grenache and barrels for our Syrah. I also kept some parcel of old vines but I restructured all the rest. In fact my father had lands where he could reach yields of 180 hl/ha, I sold them out.

Everything is now grown organically and this comes from my deepest convictions, I don’t use it as a sales argument. People from here are afraid of herbs in their vines, but I always find it very strange to see no wade of herbs in my neighbors plots. »

Dirk Rodriguez
Vino Magazine

La cuvée Inédite du Domaine de La Cendrillon

Inédite 2011

Our Favourite, very nice aromas, a strong personality, garrigue, and some toasted notes. Very nice wine. It’s also a nice wine to keep for the future.

La cuvée Classique Blanc du Domaine de La Cendrillon

Classique blanc 2013

It’s a blend of  local varietals with Verdejo and Albarino. A very interesting wine with astonnishing punchy and fresh notes.

La cuvée Classique Rouge du Domaine de La Cendrillon

Classique Rouge 2012

This wine is the perfect illustration of what La Cendrillon style looks like:

« Here we don’t produce musclebound wines but elegant wines with a fine structure »

La cuvée N°1 du Domaine de La Cendrillon

N°1 2011

The vintage wine of the estate which is not produced every years. This vintage is very complex, deep, and monumentally structured.

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