The family

The history of “La Cendrillon” vineyard began in the middle of the 18th century, when it became the property of the Joyeux family in 1750.

The roots of the Joyeux family in the Ornaisons municipality date back to the 17th century. Jean-Pierre Ajac lived in this small village, situated in the Corbières district at the foot of the Fondfroide mountain range. As owner of the Chateau d’Ornaisons and the Estate of “La Cendrillon“, the family was quickly recognized as entrepreneurs. They didn’t fear the risks nor the difficulties of wine making brought about by phylloxera.

In 1850, Pierre-Hyppolyte Ajac rejuvinated the estate through the development of the gypse quarries and wine making.

In 1904, his granddaughter, Marie-Blanche, heiress of the estate married Louis-Ulysse Joyeux, Officer, with whom she had four sons.

Widowed, following the sudden death of her husband at war in August 1914 whilst he was at the head of his own company in Lorraine, this young lady managed the estate energetically with the aim of handing it on to her sons.

One of them, René, Surgeon and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier, continued to develop the estate with the aim of keeping and passing on the family heritage to one of his 10 children.



Robert Joyeux, together with his wife and eight children, decided to take on this family estate whilst he continued his international career in industry.

At the start of the new Millennium, he launched an enterprising renovation program in line with his ambitions: to produce fine elegant wines that show the complexity and the variety of the Corbières.

In 2017, his son Hubert, the 8th generation in line of descent, decided to quit his position as a financial controller in Paris to be dedicated full time to the family estate and proudly perpetuate his family legacy.

La Cendrillon“, at the heart of the Corbières region, is indeed a family, a terroir, but also a know-how.