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LRVF Special Report: Red wines from the Languedoc and the Roussillon- do they age well?


In the May 2020 edition, the magazine the Revue des Vins de France looked at the question of the ageing ability of wines from the Languedoc Roussillon. “If there is no question of the cellaring potential of Bordeaux or Burgundy wines, what about the wines from these southern vineyards?” 



The 2010 vintage was chosen as the subject for this investigation, and the reasons for this are twofold: firstly the possession of sufficient hindsight to judge the ageing potential of Languedoc and Roussillon wines, but also the intrinsic characteristics of that year’s wines, “a hot, dry vintage, 2010 is more balanced that its predecessor, 2009.


A total of 450 samples were collected and tasted blind from which 92 wines were finally selected as being “wines that stand the test of time.” Amongst them was the Cuvee No 1 2010, the third vintage to be bottled by the Domaine.  


Whilst there is no doubt about the ability of these wines to age well, their freshness was surprising. “Although a few wines proved to be jammy and overblown, the great majority amazed us with their freshness.” This was the case with the Cuvee No 1 whose typicity and smoothness captivated the panel, who awarded it a score of 14.5/20. “Aromas of mocha and laurel, with creamy tannins and a vibrant, spicy finish for this wine from old vines of Mourvèdre and Grenache in a cool terroir.


A parcel selection produced in limited quantities (5,000 bottles), the cuvee No 1 owes its name to its history. For it was the very first wine that Robert Joyeux produced in bottle. Convinced of the quality and the potential of the terroir that he had inherited for producing excellent wines, and flying in the face of popular opinion about Corbières wines, he chose to make an exceptional cuvee as his first wine. Born in the vines of the Peyral, planted in a valley around former gypsum quarries in soils of marl with high concentrations of iron and seams of limestone, the cuvee No 1 is a complex blend in which Mourvèdre is associated with Grenache and Syrah. Picked and sorted by hand, the grapes that are used for this wine are the object of particular care to ensure that they are of the finest possible quality. They are then vinified in wooden vats to encourage gentle extractions and soften the tannins before being aged for 24 months in large oak vats.


We are extremely proud to see that the efforts undertaken to create wines designed for laying down, right from the very first vintages, have been justly rewarded here.


Unfortunately, the 2010 vintage is no longer available, but you can let yourself be tempted by a 2015.

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