Minuit, The brand new Rosé of La Cendrillon

Domaine de La Cendrillon is launching its brand new Rosé wine this week. Named Minuit, an allusion to the twelve strikes in Cenderella, this cuvée is quite unusual. This press Rosé is the result of the researchs, trials and innovations we started several years ago when Robert Joyeux decided to produce a fine Rosé in the heart of the Corbieres. Minuit 2014 was therefore one of the greatest expectation of the team this year. Minuit is a silky blend of grenache (90%) and Syrah (10%) with a fine pale color , the nose reveals deep fresh aromas which truly awake your senses. It opens with elegant floral nuances of lilac, roses, fragrances of citron along with slight scents of peach, and passion fruits: a delicate invitation to the South. Bottled in a backdrop of glass which has been drawn to match the spirit of this wine: an unusual  delicacy. This cuvée attempt to be festive and it will offer you very refreshing moments.

Cuvée Minuit Rosé 2014


Minuit - La Cendrillon


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