Essentielle (Classique) | AOP Corbières | Organic

Essentielle (Classique) | AOP Corbières | Organic

As the first vintage to be made in the new vat room, 2015 heralded a change in our winemaking methods since it allowed us to work with greater precision and small batch parcel selections for the first time. In so doing we rediscovered the individual potential of certain parcels that had previously been vinified together. The Syrah from the ‘Vignes René’, the last vines planted by René Joyeux, Hubert’s grandfather, is one of these. Blended with just a touch of Mourvèdre, it was singled out to create a modern, contemporary Corbières with supple, silky tannins. Our Classique cuvee is now Essentielle.

Grape variety

Syrah, Mourvèdre


SYRAH: Vineyard René. Lezignan terraces of Quarternary alluvial deposits of red clay and limestone pebbles. MOURVEDRE: Vineyard Cendrillon. West-facing limestone clay and sandy slopes of the Pech hills.

Tasting note

Brilliant ruby red. Sumptuous aromas of strawberry and raspberry mingle with subtle notes of blackcurrant and brambly fruit. The mouth is full-bodied, generous and luscious with confident, silky tannins.

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